How to Put On Eye Makeup

Tips and Tricks for Applying Eye Shadow and Eye Makeup

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How To Apply Eye Shadow

Women have a thing for eye makeup; however, not all women are masters at applying make up. I mean, even makeup artists require years of learning how to apply eyeshadow. So “how to put on eye makeup?” one may ask. Well, it is rather simple if you know the strokes and blends of how to apply eye shadow and makeup. Here are a number of tricks and tips that you can easily follow...

How to Apply Eye Shadow #1:

  • Blend, blend, blend! Well, this is quite a well known fact, but the trick here is how to blend correctly right? So how to apply eye shadow if you do not even know how to blend?! For starters, pick out three distinct colors. You can start with a very light shade of taupe. The trick here is to start light and then go darker. Brush your entire eye up to your face’s brow bone with the base color (base are always the lightest color), follow up with the lid color (this is medium shade color), and to finish brush on the highlighter (this is the darkest color). Keep a light hand though, or you may end up starting over again.

How to Apply Eye Shadow #2:

  • Colors that will make your eyes pop are the best when you are choosing eye shadows. These days, matching your beautiful eye color with a nice eye shadow can in fact bring out your peepers’ color out! But what if you want to apply eye shadow with a bit of contrast? Actually you can! How about for those blue eyes… try on some gorgeous warm gold eye shadow, while for brown eyes, pick out a deep bejeweled blue eye shadow?

How to Apply Eye Shadow #3:

  • Avoid applying deep colored eyeshadow to your brow bone. This will be create too much drama for you. You can apply upon your brow bone ONLY if you are applying neutral colored eye shadow.

How to apply eye shadow #4:

  • Be careful when you apply eye shadow on your eyes’ creases, especially if you are applying a dark eye shadow. Be sure to blend only on your eyes’ outside edges.

How to Apply Eye Shadow #5:

  • Do you want to keep your eye shadow’s base to be kept in place for hours? Try looking for a great base for your eye shadow. For instance, Primer Potion from Urban Decay is a fool proof primer.

How to Apply Eye Shadow #6:

  • When you are about to apply eye shadow, sometimes you think shimmers are really awesome and can make your eyes pop, however, there is a bad side to everything, it highlights the things you would want to hide, such as, lines, heavy lids and those wrinkles! If you really want to apply eye shadow that has shimmer to it, do a nude lid and then put on a little bit of golden shimmer to your brow bone.

Smokey Eyes ... To apply eye shadow that will give you smokey eyes, apply that color only to your eye lids and just below your lower lashline. Do not go overboard and extend to your creases!